It has been a challenging yet fruitful spring for me this year.

Being in quarantine at my family home place in northern Michigan has allowed me the time for avian photography. In combination with the spring migrant and nesting season, it became the perfect storm for images of both quality and quantity.

I’ve compiled my best work of the season in a video.

Of course, this spring hasn’t been without its challenges. The virus quarantine has taken both emotional and financial tolls on many. Incidents related to civil rights, one horribly tragic and devastating, continue to compromise individuals and communities. 

Many in the birdwatching community were disturbed recently when a well known bird enthusiast from New York City was falsely accused of wrongdoing while birding in Central Park. He happens to be black, his accuser is white.

The incident has sparked conversations about diversity and inclusion among our ranks. Time is past due for this conversation and I hope it will lead to initiatives that will affect positive change. The birds belong to everyone.

Thank you for reading and checking out the video. Comments are always welcome.

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