J. A. Mikulich is an aspiring wildlife photographer from Michigan

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Puerto Rico, Winter 2019-2020
Despite the experiencing the recent earthquakes and aftershocks, my holiday in Puerto Rico was fantastic. Birdwatching on the island is always a pleasure and I was happy to capture some decent images, especially of birds of prey, among others.

American Kestrel taking flight from a power cable

Red-tailed Hawk making its cry

Red-tailed Hawk hunting

American Kestrel perched behind plantain leaf

American Kestrel eating a lizard it just hunted

Gray Kingbird spreading its wings on a plantain tree

Bananaquit, the most abundant songbird in Puerto Rico

Portrait of a Northern Mockingbird in tropical foliage

American Kestrel perched

Puerto Rican Woodpecker, a bird endemic to the island

Why birds?
Some thoughts about what birds mean to me and why I feel they are important to all of us.
A favorite quote:
Birds are living art that inspires.
–Dr. J. Drew Lanham
J. A. Mikulich is a designer, musician, entrepreneur and aspiring wildlife photographer from Michigan.
He‘s an award-winning creative professional and has work featured in the Smithsonian Institution‘s National Museum of American History. He is also a respected consultant and thought leader for multicultural marketing. 
He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Evelyn. They often travel to Puerto Rico.  
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